Our Maximum Athletic Performance staff can come to you for training sessions. These can either be one on one personal training sessions, a small group session or a whole team training session.

Our Team Training program is our most popular and are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for entire sport teams. Team Training programs are built to be sport relevant, and like all of our programs are geared towards improving overall power, strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. With team training you can pick from a few options:

We also have a small facility located in Vestal ideal for personal training or small group sessions. Please inquire with Bryan McGovern.

Pricing is dependent on the number of sessions you choose per week and the number of participants: one on one, small group, or team training

We want to work out the best schedule for you and your team, so please contact us to set up your team training!