Campers who have consistently attended Maximum Athletic Performance Camp during their high school careers have gone on to earn scholarships in Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Hockey, and Softball at Colgate, Villanova, LIU, LeMoyne, UMass, Notre Dame, and Binghamton.
"Thank you so much for a great winter training season. (Our son) will see you next winter. We heard great things about Maximum Athletic Performance and had to come try it out for ourselves. "

Kara Cheslock
"I have really enjoyed the program as a first year participant. In the past I have had trouble motivating myself and often worked out in an improper manner. This program kept me on a regimen with the right exercises and the right progressions. I was constantly pushed in a positive way by all of the staff. Altogether, I had a great experience."

Summer 2010 Participant
"Maximum Athletic Performance has been a welcomed new off-season training experience and I am glad to know it runs all year. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable which makes the program more enjoyable. The facilities are amazing, and the conditioning is hard but worth it. Thanks for everything."

Summer 2010 Participant
"Itís a really fun program and the staff is great. Being with a group of people while you workout helps you push yourself and do more than you would do if you were alone."

Summer 2010 Participant
"I thought I was in shape before I started training with Bryan McGovern and Maximum Athletic Performance; I wasn't. I went from being an athletic person to an athlete. Through his specified training techniques and detailed attention to mechanics, I developed functional strength, increased my flexibility, became more agile, and was able to beat opponents through my explosive first step and the various speeds I had learned to utilize. Training like a collegiate athlete results in playing like a collegiate athlete, and Bryan and his program made all the difference in my high school career."

Amber Lattner, 2005 All-State Pennsylvania Girlsí Soccer Team, and All-Region Player of the Year 2005 from Montrose High School
"This program was well worth the money. My two sons enjoyed going and looked forward to it. This is an excellent way for kids to develop discipline they will need to play their sport year round and get in shape."

Toni LaSorte
"Our players know the importance their work in strength and conditioning means to their development as baseball players, and they look forward to working with Bryan.

They dedicate themselves to his program and continue to see improvement year after year in their strength, power, speed, and agility."

Tim Sinicki
Head Baseball Coach
Binghamton University
"I highly recommend Maximum Athletic Performance and Bryan McGovern. Itís a winning combination of proven Division I training methods at a state of the art facility. I have seen the difference in my daughterís performance in the field."

Dave Wood
"I love this program and appreciate the hard work and personal attention from the trainers. I have done other programs in the past, but didnít stick with them because of multiple reasons. This program has tested and pushed me to work harder and improve, but has made me want to keep going as much as I can. Most workouts I would rather miss. This one I am bummed if I canít be there."

Current Maximum Athletic Performance athlete
"Great program! Canít say enough about it."

Patty Ingraham
"My daughter truly enjoyed the program. We saw a dramatic change in her physical shape as well as increased speed in her running. I think the program is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Becky Dunlop
"I love this program and strongly believe it has helped me become an all around better athlete. Both of my high school and club team coaches have noticed differences in my speed, agility, and strength since participating in the program. I feel very prepared now to go to college and compete at a higher level. I would recommend the program to anyone and I feel it is the best in our area."

Maximum Athletic Performance trainee and current collegiate soccer player
"Our son Hans enjoyed the training he did with Maximum Athletic Performance this summer. He just had Premier Soccer tryouts (Fusion) and Hans says he feels stronger as a direct result of the strength training as he is better able to hold players off the ball. As parents, we are comforted by the fact that Hans (at 13 years old) is getting very good guidance in the proper techniques of strength training by Bryan McGovern and his staff. We are planning on having Hans train again this winter. Thanks!"

Michael Purtell
"I was very happy with the program. When your 14 year old son looks forward to going each time you must be doing good things with the kids."

Robert Fauver
"This program is great and very helpful to anyone planning on playing a sport in college. It is an opportunity to get ahead, and become faster and stronger. I like that it is also a fun environment to train in."

Maximum Athletic Performance trainee and current collegiate lacrosse player
"Hi Bryan! I just wanted to let you know how my field hockey season has started off. Our new coach made pre season really tough and we had two-a-days of two and a half hour practices for a week but me and one other girl came in first in every long distance and sprinting drill (and we were far ahead of the rest of the girls). I also was not half as sore as my teammates that week. My shots on goal are so much stronger now and I got put on the top of the circle for corner as the main option to take the shot in games. I think all those squats paid off too because I'm on the starting line for defensive corners as well. Our first game was this past Saturday against Ithaca where we won in overtime. I was the only person that played the whole entire game and the whole overtime never subbed once. I had two assists plus the goal in overtime to win the game! I just found out that I got SUNY Geneseo's athlete of the week. So I wanted to say thank you to you and Lori for all the help this summer!! The work outs definitely improved my ability in every part of the game. Thanks again!"

Maximum Athletic Performance trainee and current collegiate field hockey player