Maximum Athletic Performance Camp's program is designed to help you increase your ability in all of the following areas:
Through plyometric and other maximum force generating exercises your body's ability to exert force itself or on another object can increase dramatically. Some examples of power movements in sports are performing a vertical jump, hitting a baseball or softball, kicking a soccer ball, and making a tackle in football.
With the appropriate progression of resistance exercises for all the muscle groups, the body will continue to adapt and provide an overall increase in full body strength that will help to improve athletic performance, and reduce the possibility of injuries.
Using form running and various footwork and cone drills will help to increase your ability to accelerate, decelerate and change directions more quickly. These drills will also help to improve overall coordination.
In combining the many exercises that will use full range of motion, with certain stretching routines, your overall flexibility will increase and therefore help to decrease the possibility of injuries and/or decrease time lost to an injury.
Sport specific conditioning drills will help give you the ability to sustain your energy and strength levels throughout competition.